Installations, Features, Creative Dishonesty, 365 Days of Print

Oh my, many things have been happening and changing since October.

Just today I installed my first ever installation, Palpus, at Center Studio Architecture on Main Street in Durham. It was more physically demanding than I expected, wrestling with all of the twine laden triangles was quite a task. They would rather lie in a pile than suspend nicely from the paneled ceiling. Please excuse the cell phone quality image, better ones to come soon!

Today was a big day! I was also featured on a fantastic website, Art and Art Deadlines. Check it out HERE! I’m very honored to be the November artist on this great site. You can help by leaving a comment at the bottom of my feature… the artist with the most comments by January 15th will be Artist of the Year!

Want to see a group of artists create a piece of art in response to the news every day? Look no further than 365 Days of Print! I am part of this exciting online residency for the month of November. It is a fantastic site full of interesting ideas and artists.

My piece for the Creative Dishonesty project is finished. It will soon be on display at Duke at the Center for Advanced Hindsight! Better images to come very soon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everybody, it is coming up soon!


2 thoughts on “Installations, Features, Creative Dishonesty, 365 Days of Print

  1. What an awesome thing, your sculpture front and center in a big ole’ window on Main Street! You have been super busy! I bet you find straggling pieces of twine in the strangest places…I commented on the featured artist page! CONGRATULATIONS! Of course I misspelled a simply word and caught it as soon as I had already posted….

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